“The Feminine Sublime” at Pasadena Museum of California Art

By Lorraine Heitzman Constance Mallinson has assembled a first rate group of women painters to address the concept of the sublime in art from a feminist standpoint. Each of the five artists in “The Feminine Sublime” at The Pasadena Museum of California Art explores their relationship to the landscape in a shift from the traditional [...]


Opening Reception: March 3, 6-9PM

February 1, 2018, Los Angeles, CA. Jason Vass is pleased to present Liminal Spaces – an exhibition featuring Yvette Gellis & Ty Pownall. Liminal Spaces will run from March 3 – April 14, 2018.
In Liminal Spaces, Gellis’ large-scale, mixed media paintings & Pownall’s floor sculptures and wall works interact to create a singular installation space; one that explores “liminality”, including themes of spirituality, the threshold of time, transitioning forward, memories and ephemerality.

Pasadena Museum of California Art exhibit offers more boldly immersive feminine perspectives on nature and the environment

“Has there ever been a better time to discuss women and the environment?” So asks artist Constance Mallinson in conversation about “The Feminine Sublime,” an exhibit she curated that opens at the Pasadena Museum of California Art this weekend. Addressing themes of feminine perspective, environmental degradation and the artistic concept of the sublime, “The Feminine [...]

The Feminine Sublime

January 21, 2018–June 3, 2018 Historically, depictions of the sublime were reserved for men whose rationality and order were posed against nature, the imagination, or the female “other.” The Feminine Sublime presents a counter-narrative that upends previous ideas of the sublime in painting with a unique feminist perspective. Exhibition artists and Los Angeles-based painters Merion [...]

Yvette Gellis: Movement and Duration, Seeking the Ineffable…

By Gary Brewer “First of all, on the surface on which I am going to paint, I draw a rectangle of whatever size I want, which I regard as a window through which the subject to be painted is seen.” ~Leon Battista Alberti, De pictura, 1435 Studio Visit with Yvette Gellis. Photo Credit Gary Brewer. [...]

“Abstraction in the Singular”

BENTLEY GALLERY - Phoenix, Arizona, -ART DETOUR 29, 2017.  -Part 1: February 17th to March 22nd -Part 2: March 29th to April 19th   -Curated by Grant Vetter   - Abstraction in the Singular is a two show survey of painters from the West Coast and Arizona that have had a significant impact on how we [...]

Yvette Gellis – Beyond all Scope of Sense

Brunnhofer Galerie Eröffnung: Freitag 29. Jänner 2016, 19.00 Uhr mit literarisch-musikalischer-performance von: Elisabeth Brunnhofer u. Paul Jaeg Dauer der Ausstellung bis Samstag 5. März 2016 Artist Statement (excerpt) My work derives inspiration from the world in which I live and work. Wandering through various cities and environments with their endlessly shifting landscapes, often incongruous, [...]

CAMAC- Centre d’art Marnay Art Center – Exhibition

Yvette Gellis, Without Time, 2015. Mixed media, 548.64 x 426.72 cm. CAMAC-Centre d’art Marnay Art Center “Somewhere Without Time” with YVETTE GELLIS (Los Angeles) And REBECCA BOURNIGAULT(Paris) EGLISE SAINT-JACQUES 10370 DIVAL FRANCE September 17th – October 4th Opening Reception Thursday, September 17TH, 2015 7:00 pm Somewhere Without Time marks the first collaborative project between Yvette Gellis (Los Angeles) [...]

Yvette Gellis @ Toomey Tourell

by DAVID M. ROTH From Da Vinci to Picasso to Hockney, shifts in perspective have long reflected changes in how technology enables us to see.  Non-Objective painting (and later Abstract Expressionism), with their focus on matters of the spirit, seem to have flown right past the immediate environs of their creators, thereby sidestepping any significant [...]

SF GATE- Kenneth Baker – SF Chronicle

By Kenneth Baker  Art Critic SF Chronicle Friday, March 13, 2015 Yvette Gellis at Toomey Tourell: March 13, 2015 by Kenneth Baker Too little contemporary painting delivers a sense of adventure either to informed or uninitiated viewers. Count the work of Los Angeles painter Yvette Gellis an exception. Her paintings, in Toomey Tourell's final exhibition at its [...]

Upcoming Exhibitions

Round Trip Ticket - Draft #2 (Bridging Two Cities) Harris Gallery, University of La Verne Artists: Yvette Gellis (Los Angeles) Flora Kao (Los Angeles) Christopher Pate (Los Angeles) Huang-Ti Lin (Tainan City) Wan-Ting Wang (Tainan City) Yi-Min Huang (Tainan City) Curator: Kuan-Yu Chen (Tainan City) Artist reception: Saturday, July 25, 2pm to 4pm This is [...]

CRITIC’S PICKS: 2014 Top 10 Lists

CRITIC’S PICKS: 2014 Top 10 Lists By Molly Enholm - Yvette Gellis “1,000 Ways to See It” Three-dimensional rifts on previous work, seemingly on the brink of new discoveries.