Toomey Tourell Fine Art Toomey Tourell Fine Art: Yvette Gellis - Standing In the Corner. Comment by AB: The vigorous compositions of Los Angeles artist Yvette Gellis have an energy about them, often looking like engines in action powering semi-representational realms. Art by Yvette Gellis at Toomey Tourell Fine Art. Large art by Yvette Gellis. Yvette Gellis and her [...]

Huffington Post Arts; Peter Frank

Huffington Post Arts; Peter Frank - Yvette Gellis determines an unsettling condition in her paintings, one in which a clearly urban environment becomes so taken up by its own dynamism that it begins to disintegrate.

Torrance Art Museum; Mudrona Musings

Torrance Art Museum; Mudrona Musings - With architectural hints receding into a radiant abstract space beyond the picture plane, Yvette Gellis' Ascension immediately grabbed my attention as I entered the gallery.

Lita Albuquerque; In Bed Together

Lita Albuquerque; In Bed Together - I have chosen Yvette Gellis for the power that she evokes in her painting. I was taken by the confidence and force of Yvette’s brush marks, coming out of abstract expressionism yet evoking a complex interplay of contradictory marks reflecting a contemporary mood.

Newsline PMA

Newsline PMA; Bonnie Gretzner,January 13,2011 - The front of the 18th Street Arts Center, where Los Angeles, Calif.-based artist Yvette Gellis is in residence, will be wrapped with imagery created from the combined works of two masters of artistic space.

NYU News

NYU News, Max Behrman, They Barney Buiding Gets a Violent Jolt, September 2009

Open Water

Open Water - Korean artist Han Sungpil and Los Angeles based artist Yvette Gellis intend to suck you into the seascape as they take over 18th Street Arts Center.

The Flame

The Flame, Magazine of Claremont Graduate University, Volume8, Spring, 2007

Yvette Gellis – The Book

A book can be purchased at titled; Yvette Gellis About the Book One can see in Yvette Gellis’ bold compositions and muscular brush strokes a desire to retain spontaneity while restraining her representational impulses. She goes to the everyday world to find her raw material in the architecture and landscape around her, in the nooks [...]