Press Articles

Huffington Post Arts

By Peter Frank

Huffington Post Arts  – Yvette Gellis determines an unsettling condition in her paintings, one in which a clearly urban environment becomes so taken up by its own dynamism that it begins to disintegrate.

yvette gellis art

Lita Albuquerque; In Bed Together

By Lita Albuquerque

In Bed Together – I have chosen Yvette Gellis for the power that she evokes in her painting. I was taken by the confidence and force of Yvette’s brush marks, coming out of abstract expressionism yet evoking a complex interplay of contradictory marks reflecting a contemporary mood.



NYU News

By Max Behrman

NYU News, They Barney Buiding Gets a Violent Jolt, September 2009

Open Water

Open Water – Korean artist Han Sungpil and Los Angeles based artist Yvette Gellis intend to suck you into the seascape as they take over 18th Street Arts Center.

open water painting